University Preparatory Certificate 3 (Year 12)

Core units:

路 English Language (I & II)

路 English Literature (I & II)

路 Mathematics (I & II)

Subject majors (optional):

(A) Business

路 Accounting (I & II)

路 Economics (I & II)

(B) Arts

路 History (I & II)

路 Geography (I & II)

(C) Sciences

路 Biology (I & II)

路 Chemistry (I & II)

路 Physics (I & II)

路 Computer Sciences (I & II)

(D) Technical

路 Agriculture science (I & II)

路 Home Economics (I & II)

路 Technology(I & II)

Credit Points

Each unit carries a total of 15 credit points.
To successfully complete the program, a student must attain a total of 180 credits points.


Certificate Level 3 University Preparatory Award

Entry requirements:

1. Successful completion of Form 5 or equivalent , with an aggregate of 350 and above, and/or a B grade in English, Mathematics, and a subject choice; or

2. Successful completion of Learning Pathway PCSC with a B grade or above in English, Mathematics, and a subject choice; or

3. Mature entry (23 years age) and showing evidence of potential to complete the programme.