Unit Code: SNU600

Unit Title:Β Ethics

This unit provides an opportunity for teacher trainees to understand the human societies and ethical principles that guide everyday social behavior. The unit also require students to engage in critical discussion on ethical issues fundamental questions such as:Β what is ethics?; what is the basis on which we judge something to be either right or wrong, good or bad?; what is truth?; is peace important and how do we get it?; is hate inevitable or is it the result of stereotypes?; why do we stereotype?; what is the role of university in society?; does ethics have a role to play in government and governance?; does religion have a role in society?; does ethics have a role in development or organization?Β Further, the unit examined these fundamental questions in relation to the broader issues of inter-personal relationships, ethnicity, local, regional and international politics, work, government, business, the environment, resources, gender, youths, research, global versus local, urban versus rural; community, civil society and education for the purpose of this unit.