Certificate IV in Plumbing Services

Course Structure

Unit CodeUnit NamePre requisiteBlock OfferedYearCredit Point
SIGEN2001Deliver customer serviceSIGEN3005112
SIGEN3001Use and maintain WASH facilitiesSIGEN3005114
SIGEN3002Operate a personal computerSIGEN3005112
SIGEN3003Apply environmentally sustainable work practicesSIGEN3005112
SIGEN3004Conduct workplace communicationsSIGEN3005112
SIGEN3005Apply Occupational Health Safety requirements, policies and procedures in the workplace112
SIPWS3010Fabricate and install pressure piping systemsSIGEN3005111
SIPWS3002Handle and store plumbing materialsSIGEN3005111
SIPWS3003Use plumbing hand and power toolsSIGEN3005114
SIPWS3005Mark out materialsSIGEN3005112
SIPWS3008Cut and join sheet metalSIGEN3005111
SIPWS3001Read plans and calculate plumbing quantitiesSIGEN3005111
SIPWS3020Select and install roof sheeting and wall claddingSIGEN3005112
SIPWS3017Fabricate and install external flashingsSIGEN3005111
SIPWS3018Install composite roof componentsSIGEN3005112
SIPWS3009Flash penetrations through roofs and wallsSIGEN3005112
SIWPU3001Participate in Work PlacementSIGEN30052110
SIMFW3001Perform routine oxy acetylene weldingSIGEN3005322
SIMFW3002Perform manual heating and thermal cuttingSIGEN3005322
SIMFW3003Perform manual metal arc weldingSIGEN3005322
SIPWS3004Carry out levellingSIGEN3005321
SIPWS3015Install below ground sanitary drainage systemsSIGEN3005323
SICON3014Install trench supportSIGEN3005322
SIPWS4012Install domestic treatment plantsSIGEN3005322
SIPWS3012Install stormwater and sub-soil drainage systemsSIGEN3005322
SIPWS4001Locate and clear blockagesSIGEN3005321
SIPWS4013Install on-site disposal systemsSIGEN3005321
SIPWS3013Construct in-situ inspection openings and enclosuresSIGEN3005322
SICON4004Build and install basic sanitary systems and sheltersSIGEN30053212
SIPWS3006Carry out simple concreting and renderingSIGEN3005322
SIPWS3014Plan layout of a residential sanitary drainage systemSIGEN3005321
SIWPU3002Particiapte in Work PlacementSIGEN30054210
SIPWS4002Work safely on roofsSIGEN3005532
SIPWS3007Collect and store roof water and connect to fixturesSIGEN3005532
SIPWS3016Fabricate and install roof drainage componentsSIGEN3005537
SICON3007Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffoldingSIGEN3005534
SIPWS4004Set out and install water servicesSIGEN3005533
SIPWS4003Connect and install storage tanks to a domestic water supplySIGEN3005531
SIPWS4006Install and commission water heating servicesSIGEN3005532
SIPWS4007Install water pumpsetsSIGEN3005531
SIPWS4008Fit off and commission heated and cold water servicesSIGEN3005531
SIPWS3011Plan layout of a residential sanitary plumbing systemSIGEN3005531
SIPWS4009Install discharge pipesSIGEN3005533
SIPWS4010Fabricate and install sanitary stacksSIGEN3005533
SIPWS3019Weld polyethylene and polypropylene pipe using fusion method.SIGEN3005531
SIPWS4014Install pre-treatment facilitiesSIGEN3005531
SIWPU3003Participate in Work PlacementSIGEN30056310
SIGEN3006Provide basic emergency life supportSIGEN3005731
SIPWS4005Install and adjust water service controls and devicesSIGEN3005731
SIPWS4011Install, fit off and maintain sanitary fixturesSIGEN3005732
SIPWS4015Install gas pressure control equipmentSIGEN3005731
SIPWS4016Install Type A gas appliance fluesSIGEN3005731
SIPWS4017Purge consumer pipingSIGEN3005731
SIPWS4018Disconnect and reconnect Type A gas appliancesSIGEN3005731
SIPWS4019Calculate and install natural ventilation for Type A gas appliancesSIGEN3005731
SIPWS4020Install gas piping systemsSIGEN3005732
SIPWS4021Size consumer gas piping systemsSIGEN3005731
SIPWS4022Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity up to 500 litresSIGEN3005732
SIPWS4023Install and commission Type A gas appliancesSIGEN3005733
SIPWS4024Maintain Type A gas appliancesSIGEN3005731