Application for 2022 is currently open for any interested forms 3, 5 & 6 leavers who want to enroll in our DFL programs.
– Call in at SINU Honiara DFL Centre, Panatina Lower Campus to collect application forms and information sheet.

Download the application form here:Β DFLC APPLICATION FORM 2022

* For those living in the provinces, you can see the following responsible people to collect application forms at our provincial DFL Centers and subcenters:

1. Munda – Mr. Boniface Liliu at Kokeqolo CHS,
2. Gizo – Mr. Madison Binet at Gizo CHS,
3. Buala – Mr. Amos Havi at the Provincial Education Office,
4. Auki – Mr. Austine Aebata at Auki CHS,
5. Malu’u – Mr. Henry Bare at Malu’u CHS,
6. Lata – Mr. Walter Mavaemua at the Provincial Education Office,
7. Lomlom, Reef Islands – Mr. Moses Bwekuli at Gwaoa CHS,
8. Tulagi – Mrs. Eunice Agutu at the Provincial Education Office,
9. Afio – Mr. Rodney at Maka’a Community High School,
10. Nila – Mr. Lawrence Salapa at Nila Shortland Island,
11. South Choiseul (Viviru Ward 4) – Honorable William Sualalu.
12. To those living around Lau and Baelelea area – Mr. Junior Simi at Gwaunasu Community High School.
13. Kirakira – Mr. Gilbert Tabihau or Mr. Marlon Ahi at the Provincial Education Office.
14. To individuals around Russel Islands, you can collect DFL application forms and information sheet from Mr. Brian Vaka – Principal of Yandina Community High School.