Unit Code: LIT502

Unit Title: Introduction to Literature

This unit will introduce you to Literature.Β  Β It is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of the five principal literary genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama and film. You will develop the ability to read all five with the critical appreciation of a mature reader, thus allowing you to make value judgments based upon your reactions and perceptions of the works read in the course. Most importantly, you will learn to use verbal and written discourse about literature as a means of clarifying your thinking, and you will base your opinions on sound literary evidence. This combination of critical reading and informed expression can be considered the hallmarks of an educated mind.Β  It offers an overview of the main genres of literature, namely non-fiction, fiction, poetry, drama and films. It examines literary language and different approaches to literary criticism designed to increase student confidence when responding to literature.Β  It introduces students to the joys and skills required in English literary studies. Students will examine a variety of texts and genres, including novels, short stories, drama, and poetry, together with contemporary techniques for reading them. Finally, it will develop students’ skills in literary and critical analysis, writing, and research.