Important Announcement : Head of Department Marine Engineering, Solomon Islands Maritime School (SIMS)

From: Head of Department
Marine Engineering
Solomon Islands Maritime School (SIMS)
To: All continuing students, M2- Advance Certificate in Technology – Marine
Engineering, M3-Advance Certificate in Technology- Marine Engineering, M4-Advance Certificate in Technology- Marine Engineering, Ship owners, Fishing companies, shipping companies and all engineering seafarers/prospective candidates for the Certificate of competency Engineer Class 4 and Class 5.
1) All marine engineering courses for semester 2 will commence on Monday 19th June, 2023.
2) Prospective candidates for Certificate of Competency Engineer Class 4 and Class 5 are also invited to apply or call in personally at Solomon Islands Maritime School (SIMS), Marine Engineering Department.
3) Accepted candidates for the M1- Advance Certificate in Technology-Marine Engineering course for Semester 2, 2023, are reminded to complete their Pre-Enrolment and pay their tuition fees no later than two weeks before the start of the program.
4) National Fisheries Development Limited and SolTuna, we kindly request you to submit your candidate’s applications as soon as possible.
For all related enquiries, please, contact or call in personally at the:
• Student Academic Services, Kukum Campus Phone: 42617 or email:
• Solomon Islands Maritime School (SIMS) Phone: 42733
• Marine Engineering Department Phones: 42768 / 42769
Thank you.