Historic Partnership Agreement Signed Among Leading Solomon Islands Maritime and Infrastructure Bodies


Honiara – 5th October 2023: In a groundbreaking move designed to bolster the maritime and infrastructure sectors of the Solomon Islands, five pivotal entities have united to formalise a landmark Partnership Agreement. Solomon Islands National University (SINU), Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA), Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA), Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID), and the Solomon Islands Maritime Transport Association (SIMTA) officially signed their collaboration pact on Wednesday, 4th October, amidst a notable gathering at the Kitano Mendana Hotel.

Recognising shipping as the lifeblood of the Solomon Islands and understanding the centrality of maritime education and training to support a flourishing maritime transport sector, this collaborative alliance promises to open doors to strategic developments in maritime education, infrastructure advancements, and cohesive maritime transportation efforts. The partnership has been forged:

– Acknowledging the imperative need to cultivate strategic partnerships for refining governance, oversight, and advisory services to the Solomon Islands Maritime College.

– Being mindful that unwavering partnerships, resources, and support are essential for ensuring academic excellence and compliance of the Solomon Islands Maritime College education and training services.

– Acknowledging the pivotal role of SINU, SIMA, SIPA, and SIMTA in sculpting an environment conducive to efficient maritime transport services and burgeoning maritime employment opportunities in the Solomon Islands.

– Recognising the pressing need to lay the groundwork for a safe, green, digital, resilient, and gender-equitable maritime transport framework in the Solomon Islands while fully embracing technological advancements in the maritime sector.

– Celebrating the establishment of the Solomon Islands Maritime College by the Senate of SINU under the SINU Act 2012.

– Expressing their willingness to undertake governance and oversight responsibilities for the Solomon Islands Maritime College, proactively offer advisory insights to enhance quality, ensure compliance, and take decisive actions on both regional and national maritime education and training imperatives.

Professor Transform Aqorau, representing the Solomon Islands National University, remarked on the occasion, β€œThis partnership is more than just a formal agreement. It represents a united front in our quest to foster education, training, and practical advancements in the maritime and infrastructure spheres. It’s about propelling our nation forward.”