Unit Code: HES702

Unit Title:ย Adolescent Health Counseling

This unit explore theories and therapies essential to addressing the psychological and social issues affecting (mental, health and social) young adolescences in secondary school while growing into early adulthood. The unit also provides opportunity for teachers to examine the dimensions of issues and apply critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for problem solving in the environment of counseling. Further, this unit extends to develop counseling skills and knowledge of teacher counselors to become confident counselors and to work with the school to embrace a holistic approach to protection, valuing and appreciating individual adolescence in both primary and secondary schools in the Solomon Islands. Finally, the unit aim is for adolescence to access better care, guidance and correct health information through schools counseling services with realization that โ€˜it is a wish of every adolescent in Solomon Islands to achieve better education by staying healthy and happyโ€™.