Unit Code: GEO603

Unit Title:Β Fundamentals to Hydrology and Oceanography

Earth is having 70 percent part as big water body- OCEAN. This water body influences warmth from the beginning. Life originate from this. It is the power house of Earth. All global phenomenon originates directly or indirectly from the ocean. It is important for human being to know deeply about hydrology and the ocean. The study of ocean is known as Oceanography. This course focuses on study of oceans and related phenomena. Oceanography is a β€˜whole Earth’ science.Β  From the beginning the ocean has always fascinated human beings: it covers seventy percent of the Earth’s surface, regulating our climate and maintaining our atmosphere, and is the setting for much of the planet’s biological production. Case studies and field trips will be made of areas of coastal Solomon Islands in order to provide the basis for observational analysis and allow students to understand the various phenomena which influence our life.