Unit Code: GEO501

Unit Title:ย Introduction to Human Geography

This unit examines the relationship of human being with the geographical environment. With this interaction, both influence each other and as a result different kind of human landscape develops.ย  It introduces the basic principles of Human Geography and provides a context in which to understand lands and people other than ourselves. This unit will encourage students to know the first law of Geography introduced by Waldo R. Toblerโ€™s in 1969, i.e. โ€œEverything is related to everything else. But near things are more related than distant things.โ€ There is a โ€˜geographicalโ€™ way to see people, places, and events, and it differs from the way a sociologist, an economist, or a political scientist, for example, might view the same phenomena. By understanding the concepts of Human Geography, one will be able to influence the way people view the universe and humanity.