Unit Code: FOR511

Unit Title: Forest Roads Engineering

The course will enable the students to have a clear and definite understanding in forest engineering which covers the following instructional areas: history and importance of logging in Solomon Islands with regards to forest harvesting machine used, design and supervising and construction of forest roads, small forest bridges, erosion control structures, surveying instruments including chain, compass, dumpy level and related accessories and their uses in engineering work with regards to principles of road design, grades, horizontal and vertical alignment, designing curves by graphical method, calculating of road cuts and fills, bridge, drainage and culvert design, road maintenance and grading, measuring road grades, road alignment for a forest road, use of air photo interpretation to plan and design road network in environmental sensitive areas, timber harvesting and forest management with the scope of forestry engineering and mechanization in Solomon Islands and the tropics including, ergonomics and safety, transportation options such as ground-based, cable and helicopter logging; forest hydrology; with a focus on minimizing impacts of operations on water quality with regards to best practice management.