Unit Code: FOR502

Unit Title: Forest Survey & Mapping

The unit introduces the students in forest survey and mapping on the basic knowledge on surveying forests and mapping which covers the following instructional areas: provide the data for planning and maps to be drawn that are essential tools for foresters, train students to prepare and interpret maps of forest types and locations, soil types, road networks, water resources, settlements, land tenure and topography, practical skills and translation of maps and plans to ground surfaces, use and interpretation of aerial photographs, and satellite imageries, compare maps, plans, and produce a survey plots and describe developments in surveying for commercial forestry and land uses, calculate of horizontal and slope distance, correction for error, precision and accuracy, drafting plans from survey data, the knowledge and skills on surveying, basic of practically handling of GPS, mapping and demarcation of forest areas for preparation of plan, management, protection and utilization of forests and the applications of GIS and providing them with basic skills of producing digital maps to locate resources and analyzing simple land use changes.