Diploma of Fisheries Studies

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed Year 13/Form 7 Arts or Science with a GPA of 2.5 and above.

Program Structure

Code: NDFS
Title: Diploma of Fisheries Studies
Duration: 2 years
Core Units: 24 Units
Total Credit Points: 240
Campus: Ranadi

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Unit CodeUnit TitlePre requisiteSemester OfferedCredit Point
FMC401Mathematics and Computer ScienceF6/F7Sci18
FIS403Fisheries Biology and AquacultureF6/F7Sci110
FIS404Food Microbiology & LabF6/F7Sci112
FIS405Fishing Gear Design and MethodF6/F7Sci112
FIS406Marine EcologyF6/F7Sci/F7Arts110
FIS407Marine EcologyF6/F7Sci/F7Arts212
FIS408Introduction to Pathology & Aquatic DiseasesFIS403210
FIS409Introduction to NutritionF6/F7Sci/F7Arts210
FIS410Seafood ScienceF6/F7Sci/F7Arts28
FIS411Fishing Gear EngineeringF6/F7Sci212
FIS412Fisheries Economics and PoliciesFIS40628