Certificate in Environmental Studies

Programme Description

This is a two-semester course with a total of eight (8) units. Students are required to attain a total of 120 credit points to fulfill the requirements of the course. The sequencing of the course still resembles the older version of the two-year certificate program which was phased out in 2017, but with more emphasis on equipping students with knowledge and skills that they can apply in their communities or as environmental advocators. This is a standalone certificate, which means that it is not stair-cased into the diploma program. However, for those wishing to enroll in the diploma program, especially Form 5 school leavers, it is a requirement and highly desirable that they graduate with a certificate in environmental studies. The reduction in the number of units does not affect the knowledge base or the practical skills expected of our students. It introduces a clear demarcation of scope and content in each unit and allows this shift to be shared between the certificate and the diploma program.

Admission Requirements

Minimum form 5 with good passes in mathematics, science, and English. Form 3 and mature aged candidates with 5 years or more of relevant work experience in an environment-related field will be considered.

Program Structure

Code: CES / NCE
Title: Certificate in Environmental Studies
Level of Award: Certificate Level 4
Duration: 1 year (2 Semesters)
Core Units: 8 Units
Total Credit Points: 120
Campus: Kukum

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