The Senate is the academic authority of the University, responsible for academic matters of the University. Governance part of the Senate is defined in the Section 33 in the SINU Act.

  1. This section establishes the University Senate
  2. Subject to the powers, duties and functions of the Council under this Act, the Senate shall be responsible for the teaching, research and all other academic work of the University and for the regulation and superintendence of the education, training and discipline of the students of the University —
  3. The Senate shall —
    1. advise the Council about teaching, scholarship and research matters concerning
      the University;
    2. formulate proposals for academic policies of the University;
    3. monitor academic activities of the University; and
    4. promote and encourage scholarship and research at the University.
  4. The Senate may establish academic boards for colleges, faculties and schools to regulate the academic affairs of the respective college, faculty and school, and to advise the Senate on academic affairs of the colleges, faculties and schools.
  5. The categories of membership of the Senate shall be as approved by the Council on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor, but shall, in all cases, include the following
    1. the Vice-Chancellor, as Chairperson;
    2. all officers of the University responsible for academic affairs of the University
      who are above the position of a Dean of School;
    3. all heads of the University's faculties, divisions, schools, centres and institutes;
    4. all the professors of the University for a period of six (6) years from the
      commencement of this Act, after which, a number, to be determined by the
      Council periodically, of professors of the University to be elected by the full-time
      professorial staff of the University on a two-year basis.