Diploma in Library & Information Systems

The award of Higher Education Diploma in Library and Information Systems will be made subject to the student completing the specified core and electives, obtaining a minimum of 240 credit points at levels 3 and 4.

Admission Requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of Form 6.
  • Successful completion of the Certificate in Library & Information Systems.
  • Satisfactory completion of Form V with at least three years of relevant work experience.

Program Structure

Code: DLIS
Title: Diploma in Library and Information Systems
Core Units: 10 Units
Electives: 4 Units
Total Credit Points: 240
Campus: Kukum/Panatina

Unit CodeUnit TitlePrerequisiteSemester OfferedCredit Points
LIS301Introduction to Library & Information Systems120
LIS302Information & Communication Technology in Libraries120
BC381 [Elective]Communication Skills18
BC351 [Elective]Introduction to Computer18
LIS303Organization of Knowledge 11 & 230
LIS304Library Ergonomics222
LIS305Information skills for academic use (Scholarly Primitive) 220
LIS401Information Sources and Services120
LIS402 Integrated Library System(Automation)120
BC382 [Elective]Communication Skills 2BC38118
BC352 [Elective]Introduction to Computer 2BC35118
LIS403Organization of Knowledge II: (Advance level) LIS3031 & 230
LIS404Library Management(collection, services & system)222
LIS405Digital Librarianships220


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Dr. Don Karunanayake

Head of Department – Library & Information System

School of Humanities

Faculty of Education & Humanities

Email: Don.Karunanayake@sinu.edu.sb