Unit Code: COM400

Unit Title: Communication Skills and Report Writing

Communication Skills is designed on the premise that improving communication involves raising students’ awareness about their own communication ability and building on these to help them cope with their University level of academic work. The medium of instruction in all schools across the University is English therefore, all resources and activities are in English with an emphasis on English communication in the courses offered throughout FAFF. There will be lectures on a range of topics, discussions, in and out of class tasks, guest speakers, role plays, group work/projects, audiovisuals, etc., which will be provided in the course guide. The guide is not prescriptive. However, the graduate attributes for the Certificate are essential and must be achieved. Teachers can exercise their own professional judgment based on the needs and abilities of the group. The methodology will be student-centred, activity-based and affirming.Β  While the focus on communication 1 and 2 are different with the latter focusing on workplace-related needs and requirements, the acquisition of good communication skills is an aim which is central to both.