CNP Department of Business, Management & Productivity

Centre for Productivity, Professional Development and Life-long Learning

Trading Name "Centre for National Productivity"

Department of Business, Management & Productivity

Certificate of Participation for each module

  1. World Class Customer Service: Customer Relationship Management
  2. Customer Complaints Management
  3. Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
  4. Fundamentals of Selling, Advertising & Marketing
  5. New Product Development & Process Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Sales Management: Improving Sales Team Performance.
  8. Effective Business Writing Skills
  9. Employee Retention
  10. Transforming Performance with Effective Communication
  11. Sales & Marketing Techniques for Small Business
  12. Professional Development for Administrative Assistance
  13. Front Office Management
  14. Report Writing
  15. Management Skills for Administration Assistance
  16. Handling Difficult People
  17. Building Team Performance
  18. Skills for Effective Trainer
  19. CV Writing and Interview Skills
  20. Strategic Change Management
  21. Effective Adverting and Communication for Real Estates
  22. Steering a Dynamic Sales Work force
  23. Customer Relationship Management-Segmentation Targeting
  24. Advance Business Writing Skills
  25. Identifying Workplace Harassment & Responses
  26. New Product Development - Marketing Process Audit
  27. Digital Marketing Strategies: Marketing Data Analytics
  28. Managing People for Optimal Performance
  29. Successfully Supervising
  30. The Total Customer Blueprint: monitoring of Internal and External Customers


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