Certificate in Teaching Primary

The Certificate in Teaching Primary (120 credits) are equivalent to one year of full time study and has been especially designed for teachers in training (TiT). To be able to involve more teachers in training in the programme it is likely that future programmes will be offered using distance and flexible learning (DFL) methods of delivery.


Course Structure

Course Code: ECP
Course Name: Certificate in Teaching Primary
Duration: 1 year
Core Units:
Total Credit Points: 120
Campus: Kukum

Unit CodeUnit NamePre-requisiteSemester offeredCredit point
Year 1 Semester A Units
LA451English Language for Tertiary StudiesNil10
This unit prepares student teachers for further academic study. A scaffold approach is the model underpinning this course. Through this course, the process of understanding principles of learning, assessment and reflective practice will be developed. This is to help with the academic requirements of any other course. This is the preparatory course for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary student teachers.
ES411Professional Studies 1Nil10
This unit introduces student teachers to the nature of teaching and learning and the role of the teacher in enhancing learning. It prepares the student teacher to be competent in a range of skills related to effective teaching. The development of comp0etence in teaching and curriculum skills is of great importance as all these skills are needed by a teacher. The acquisition of skills provides a foundation for the learning of more complex skills later in the program The course also looks at learning theories and their role in understanding the learner. School culture and the part it plays in understanding the relationship between learner and teacher and the whole process of learning and teaching will be examined.
LA461Introduction to Basic GrammarLA44510
MA411Numbers and Operation 1MA43210
SS551Introduction to Social studies Skills 1EA5125
This unit is designed to introduce student teachers to learning important social studies skills and to enable them to apply thee skills in a social studies classroom for effective teaching and learning. The unit also explores and enhances student teachersย’ prior knowledge of communication, resource planning, teaching approaches, and assessment methodologies for worthwhile learning in social studies classroom.
EA411Creative & Expressive Arts 1SS5545
This unit aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to explore the distinct languages of each of the Expressive Arts and see how the verbal skills, techniques and elements interwoven. It will also enable students to work with young children and their learning need as they explore Visual Arts.
SC410Learning and Teaching Primary ScienceHP4115
HP410Health & Physical Education 1SC4145
TE411Teaching ExperienceES10020
ES441Human DevelopmentNil20
LA445Writing SkillsNil20
EA512Creative & Expressive Arts 2 (Visual Art)10
SS554Introduction to Social Studies Skills 210
HP411Health & Physical Education10
SC414Education for Sustainable Development10