Certificate in Marine Engineering – Class V (5) Engineer

The level of the course is basic, Class V Engineer being the starting level of the marine engineering courses.Β  It is designed for marine engineers working in vessels having engine power not exceeding 250 kW. The course aims to equip the seafarers in the maritime industry with practical skills and competence in shipboard operations consistent with their duties on merchant vessels and fishing vessels.

The course comprises of four modules.Β  These modules are in line with the South Pacific Maritime Code. The modules in this course are designed to be taught off-the-job, however, it is expected that candidates will have on-the-job seagoing experience covering a portion of the learning outcomes. The workshop module ME324 is based on Year 2 of Advance Certificate in Technology (Marine Engineering) program.

Admission Requirements

  • Be not less than 18 years of age
  • A pass in the SISC examinations with good pass in Maths, Science, English and Technical Drawing
  • Not less than a 3 years program of training approved by the Authority, including not less than one year at sea in work associated with engine operation; or
  • Not less than 12 months at sea as engineer on completion of 3 years workshop service acceptable to the Authority;
  • Have completed approved education and training of at least 24 months which includes 6 months on board training (on vessel more than 200 kW propulsion power machinery) which include on board training documented in an approved training record book.
  • Not less than 12 months approved seagoing service whilst holding a Certificate of Competency as Class 6 Master/Engineer and completed not less than one year of approved workshop training

Prerequisite Certificate: Safety Certificates/Class VI Certificate of Competency

Course Structure

Course Code:Β DCME (V)
Course Name: Certificate in Marine Engineering – Class V (5) Engineer
Duration: 16 weeks
Core Units: 4 Units
Total Credit Points: 40
Campus: Kukum

Unit CodeUnit NamePre-requisiteSemester OfferedCredit Points
ME321Practical Mathematics12 months sea time on vessel up to 300KW.9
To provide the learner with the knowledge and skills required to calculate fuel consumption and storage requirements on vessels and solve basic engineering problems
ME322Engineering Drawing12 months sea time on vessel up to 300KW.5
To provide the learner the basic skills in solving engineering problems and designs graphically.
ME323Engineering Knowledge12 months sea time on vessel up to 300KW.13
To provide the learner practical skills and safe engine room routine and watch duties on vessels of less than 300 KW.
ME324Marine Workshop Practice12 months sea time on vessel up to 300KW.15
This unit develops the studentΒ’s knowledge and skills to effectively maintain shipboard machinery.