Certificate IV in Automotive Engineering (Light Vehicle)

Course Structure

Unit CodeUnit NamePre requisiteBlock OfferedCredit Point
SIGEN2001Deliver customer serviceSIGEN300512
SIGEN3001Use and maintain WASH facilitiesSIGEN300514
SIGEN3002Operate a personal computerSIGEN300512
SIGEN3003Apply environmentally sustainable work practicesSIGEN300513
SIGEN3004Conduct workplace communicationsSIGEN300512
SIGEN3005Apply Occupational Health Safety requirements, policies and procedures in the workplace12
SIAUE3001Use and maintain workplace tools and equipmentSIGEN300512
SIAUE3002Select and use bearings, seals, gaskets, sealants and adhesivesSIGEN300511
SIAUE3003Inspect and service enginesSIGEN300512
SIAUE3004Service petrol fuel systemsSIGEN300512
SIAUE3005Carry out servicing operationsSIGEN300512
SIAUE3006Inspect and service braking systemsSIGEN300512
SIAUE4001Diagnose and repair cooling systemsSIGEN300512
SIWPU3001Participate in Work PlacementSIGEN3005210
SIAUE2001Service final drive assembliesSIGEN300531
SIAUE2002Service final drive (driveline)SIGEN300531
SIAUE2003Service outboard engines and componentsSIGEN300532
SIAUE2004Service engines and engine components (outdoor power equipment)SIGEN300532
SIAUE3016Carry out wheel alignment operations (light vehicle)SIGEN300534
SIAUE3019Balance wheels and tyresSIGEN300531
SIAUE3023Remove, inspect and refit light vehicle wheel and tyre assembliesSIGEN300532
SIMFW3001Perform routine oxy acetylene weldingSIGEN300532
SIAUE3007Inspect and service steering systemsSIGEN300532
SIAUE3008Inspect and service suspension systemsSIGEN300531
SIAUE3009Test and repair basic electrical circuitsSIGEN300531
SIAUE3010Test, charge and service batteriesSIGEN300532
SIAUE3011Use and maintain measuring equipment in an automotive workshopSIGEN300531
SIMFW3002Perform manual heating and thermal cuttingSIGEN300532
SIAUE3012Service diesel fuel injection systemsSIGEN300532
SIWPU3002Particiapte in Work PlacementSIGEN3005410
SIAUE3014Repair exhaust system components including MIG weldingSIGEN300558
SIAUE4007Diagnose and repair light vehcile clutch systemsSIGEN300553
SIAUE4002Diagnose and repair charging systemsSIGEN300553
SIAUE4003Diagnose and repair starting systemsSIGEN300553
SIAUE4004Carry out diagnostic proceduresSIGEN300552
SIAUE3017Repair transmissions - manual (light vehicles)SIGEN300554
SIAUE3020Inspect and service transmissions (automatic)SIGEN300551
SIAUE3024Repair Transmissions - automatic (light vehicle)SIGEN300555
SIWPU3003Participate in Work PlacementSIGEN3005610
SIMFW3003Perform routine manual metal arc weldingSIGEN300572
SIAUE4021Diagnose and repair light vehicle final drive assembliesSIGEN300573
SIAUE4005Diagnose and repair air conditioning and HVAC systemsSIGEN300574
SIAUE4006Retrofit and modify air conditioning and HVAC systemsSIGEN300573
SIAUE3025Service and repair electronically controlled anti-lock braking systemsSIGEN300576
SIAUE4008Diagnose and repair light vehicle hydraulic braking systemsSIGEN300574
SIAUE3015Service air conditioning and HVAC systemsSIGEN300573
SIAUE3018Repair engines and associated engine components (light vehicle)SIGEN300576
SIWPU3004Participate in Work PlacementSIGEN3005810
SIAUE3013Inspect and repair engined forced induction systemsSIGEN300594
SIAUE3021Service and repair electronic body management systemsSIGEN300594
SIAUE3022Service and repair electronic drive management systemsSIGEN300595
SIAUE4009Diagnose and repair electronic spark ignition engine management systemsSIGEN300596
SIAUE4010Diagnose and repair ignition systemsSIGEN300593
SIAUE4011Diagnose and repair light vehicle emission control systemsSIGEN300592
SIAUE4012Diagnose and repair electronic compression ignition engine management systemsSIGEN300596