Basic Maritime Studies

This is a pre-sea deck course and is intended for those intending to make seafaring their career. It is a certificate which a seafarer must have before he/she can be accepted to go to sea. This course duration is longer than the Basic Safety course as the students will have a lot more units to cover plus the four Basic Safety units STP1, BFP1, BFA1, OHS1 as well.

Admission Requirements

Completed F5 with good grades in English, Maths and Science

Course Structure

Course Code: BMS
Course Name: Basic Maritime Studies
Duration: 0.5 years
Core Units: 12/13 Units ???
Total Credit Points: 30 ??
Campus: Kukum

Unit CodeUnit NamePre-requisiteSemester OfferedCredit Points
CWN1Chart work and Navigation21
To provide the learner the knowledge on chart-work and the skills to do navigation on small vessels.
BME1Basic Marine Electronic21
To provide the candidate with the knowledge and skills required to use electronic systems including Radar and ARPA for safe navigation and collision avoidance procedures.
BS1Basic Seamanship24
This unit is intended for students going to sea for the first time and focuses on practical training in handling of ropes.
BSS1Basic Ship Stability21
To provide the learner with the knowledge required to know what is stability when referring to the stability of ships.
MRC1Maritime Radio Communication21
To provide the learner with the knowledge skills required to use radiotelephone correctly and operate the controls of the marine equipment in accordance with regulations with operating procedures particularly those relating to distress, urgency and safety messages
BDC1Boat Design & Construction21
To provide the learner with knowledge on how boats are design and constructed.
NK1Nautical Knowledge21
To provide the learner with the knowledge and skills required to be part of the crew to operate a vessel of less than 200 gross tons within inshore waters.
DEOB1Diesel Engine & Outboard Motor21
To provide the learner with the knowledge and skills to safely operate a propulsion plant and other auxiliary equipment on a vessel not exceeding 250 kW propulsion power including OBM.