Unit Code: AGR801

Unit Title: Agroforestry

This unit covers basic forestry and agriculture technology, which introduces the potential value and the agronomic considerations of establishing and managing sustainable systems of agro-forestry in the region.ย  Students develop an understanding of integrating wood production, nut tree crops, cocoa, coffee, and various tree crops with row crops in a mixed agro-ecological system. Students investigate aspects of โ€˜traditionalโ€™ and โ€˜modernโ€™ agroforestry systems in Solomon Islands, the concepts and practices relating to the (productive and protective) role of agroforestry in the region, the scope for efficient and sustainable supply of forest products in agroforestry systems, the bases of crop and soil management practices in agro-forestry systems, how best to integrate livestock into agro-forestry systems in order to sustain production, understand socio-economic that influences agro-forestry systems and the nature of forestry extension.