Unit Code: AGR707

Unit Title: Land Use and Development

This course will provide students with an understanding of Principles and Concepts of Land Use and Development and of the significance of appropriate land use planning for Development to achieve a sustainable environmental and resource(s) management. This course will also teach students how to use local and scientific knowledge, information and systems to develop and implement a sustainable and integrated approach to agricultural development when it comes to land-use priorities, understanding that land is a scares resource against the growing population of Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands is recorded for its highest birth rate among countries in the region need to build skills in monitoring the success of agricultural development and in the use of culturally appropriate means to ensure compliance and its future needs.

This unit deals with Land Use and Development theories, assessment of local resources and peopleโ€™s priority on Land Use, development concept and business capital qualified for development, the process of appraisal and role in establishing valuable assets for development, process and regulation in Land Use and guidelines, determination of methods for improving productivity and planning for sustainable environments, and budgeting for the different farm set up, the environmental and human impacts of urban and rural development and land use issues at the Urban-rural fringe.