Unit Code: AGR605

Unit Title: Statistics for Applied Sciences

The unit introduces the students the basic knowledge on wood science and forest utilization which covers the following instructional areas: the anatomy of wood, structure and chemistry of wood to its various end uses, the physical and chemical properties of wood as a raw material; the mechanical properties of wood; and the relationship between wood properties and wood utilization, show the influence of wood structure on the physical properties of wood, and to its susceptibility to insect and fungal decay, the need to produce certain forest product, its treatment and its marketability, preservation method of timber seasoning, principles of drying, air drying vs. kiln drying, understand the principles of timber engineering and the specification of timber, the range of forest products, the industrial processes that convert round wood, pulpwood and mill refuse into these useful products, development of value-adding processes for import and export, understand the practical knowledge of; chainsaw operation and safely operate and maintain chainsaws, tree felling & cross cutting, harvesting and converting forest methods of logging planning, climate and forest, harvesting methods and machinery, recovery rates calculation of wood products, capabilities of machinery & situations of topography, conversion methods to  furniture & other products, minor forest products and non-timber forest products.