Unit Code: AGR601

Unit Title: Crop Pathology & Protection

This unit introduces students to the concepts and principles of plant protection include; recognizing symptoms of pests and diseases, diagnosis, and managing crops to reduce pests and disease infection. This unit help students gain confidence with control measures use, to sustain plant growth considering the economic, social and biological practices of integrated pest management (IPM). The study also estimates the population of pests and diseases through monitoring and surveying practices. Doing so helps students to make critical judgements on what standard approaches to implement at the farm level. Understanding regulations and quarantine laws play a vital role in safeguarding and preventing the introduction of exotic pests into the country.

Students will also familiar with concepts and principles of plant protection; ecological factors affecting the growth of populations of organisms and factors that are promoting outbreaks of pests and diseases. The common pests and diseases present in the Solomon Islands and Pacific region will be studied. The practice in estimating population and making formidable decisions about pest and disease control relies on technical, social and biological considerations associated with control measures that are applicable including IPM concepts and practices.