The school had just reviewed it courses and programs ranged from Certificates in Teaching, Diploma of Teaching and more recently the Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) all pre-service programs with two new in – service programs specially tailored for teachers who have taught in the field for the last 10 years in the areas of Early Childhood and Primary education.

Learning to become a teacher is challenging and stimulating. The new qualification and course content will help you to ask questions and seek answers, gain a deeper understanding of yourself and other people and of our diverse Solomon Islands Society. Your study will also help you become a competent and confident professional – thoughtful, informed, and imaginative and a team worker to promote active and meaningful learning. 

The qualifications that you will receive at the end of your programmes will mark the first step in your professional career. The School is also committed to excellence in teaching and research, equity, lifelong learning, extending knowledge and improving practice. 

We are located at Panatina campus, with a good, quiet and peaceful environment which students will enjoy to live and learn in. Classrooms, dormitories, library, dining hall and a clinic – are all the facilities that are available to support students learning and life living on this campus. 

Lastly, students will also have access to highly qualified staff whose leadership had help to shape the development of the country’s curriculum policy and practices, are knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. I hope that you will take full advantage of the facilities of the campus and the opportunities that are available.

Dean of School

Ms. Noalah Pitia