Bachelor of Fisheries Studies

Bachelor of Fisheries Studies is a 4 years program.


Admission Requirements

Form 5 Science with average – B+ in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths and English.


Course Structure

Course Code: BFS
Course Name: Bachelor of Fisheries Studies
Duration: 4 years
Core Units: 48 Units
Total Credit Points: 480
Campus: Ranadi

Unit CodeUnit TitlePre requisiteSemester OfferedYearCredit Point
FS511Mathematics and Computer Science*118
FS513Fishery Biology and Aquaculture1110
FS514Food Microbiology1112
FS515Fishing Gear Design and Method1112
FS516Introduction to Fisheries Theories1110
FS521Marine Ecology*2112
FS522Introduction to Pathology & Aquatic Diseases2110
FS523Introduction to Nutrition2110
FS524Seafood Science218
FS525Fishing Gear Engineering2112
FS526Fisheries Economics and PoliciesCategory218
FS612Fisheries Education*128
FS613Analytical Chemistry1210
FS614Food MaterialsCategory1212
FS615Shipboard Training1212
FS616Fish Population Dynamics1210
FS621Fluid Mechanics and Methods*228
FS622Finfish Culture and Lab2212
FS623Invertebrates, Seaweed Culture and Lab2212
FS624Physical Chemistry and Lab2210
FS625Fisheries Information and Processing Lab2210
FS626Seafood Distribution and Marketing228
FS711Aquatic Animal Physiology & Reproduction138
FS712Water Quality & Environment of Aqua Farms1310
FS713Food Analysis1310
FS714Food Engineering & Lab1312
FS715Mechanical Engineering for Fishing & Lab1312
FS716Aquaculture Economics & Management138
FS721Feed Ingredients & Nutrients Metabolism2310
FS722Food Chemistry2312
FS723Seafood Processing & Lab2312
FS724Fish Handling & Storage2310
FS725Fish Stock Assessment238
FS726Fisheries Bioeconomics238
FS731Farm Design & Field Trip1412
FS732Food Packaging & Lab1412
FS733Food Biochemistry148
FS734Fishery Information & Lab1410
FS735Computer Aided Fishing Gear Design1410
FS736Fisheries Governance & Cooperatives148
FS741Live Foods, Fish Feeds & Lab2412
FS742Natural Selective Breeding & Genetics248
FS743Food Hygiene & Lab2412
FS744Food Evaluation & Lab2412
FS745Sustainable Fisheries Management248
FS746Economics of Fisheries Management248