UNIPREP Certificate Level 4 (Year 13 level)

This is the university preparatory foundation study programme, which is equivalent to Year 13. It constitutes the 3rd and 4th stage of the university preparatory programme that is designed to provide a solid foundation that prepares you for tertiary studies.

The program expands over a period of 2 semesters.

• The first semester builds on the knowledge and skills established in the first two stages of the university foundation studies in the UP Certificate 3 Level; and
• The second semester further integrates and enhances the knowledge and skills you learned in the previous semesters to provide a strong knowledge base and academic skills that prepare you for higher education at a University.

Course units

There are 10 units altogether, with 5 units to be completed in semester 1 and the remaining 5 units in semester 2. English and Mathematics are compulsory for students in all streams.

Students can study on a part-time basis.

Core units:
ELL401 Writing and grammar
ELL402 Poetry and drama
MTH401 Introduction to algebra, differentiation & trigonometry
MTH402 Introduction to integration & linear algebra

Subject majors (optional):
a) Business
ACC401 Basic accounting I
ACC402 Basic accounting II
ECO401 Scarcity, market and government intervention
ECO402 Fiscal and monetary policy

b) Arts
HIS401 University Preparatory History III
HIS402 University Preparatory History IV
GEO401 University Preparatory Geography III
GEO402 University Preparatory Geography IV

c) Science
BIO401 Introduction to organism forms and molecular biology
BIO402 Introduction to ecological studies
CHE401 Fundamental of chemistry A
CHE402 Fundamentals of chemistry B
PHY401 Mechanics, heat and waves
PHY402 Basics of electricity and magnetism
CSC401 Introduction to information systems
CSC402 Introduction to information communication technology

d) Technical
AGR405 University preparatory agriculture science III
AGR406 University preparatory agriculture science IV
HE401 Textile and design
HE402 Introduction to food, nutrition and health studies
TEC401 University preparatory technology III
TEC402 University preparatory technology IV

Credit Points
Each unit carries a total of 18 credit points. To successfully complete the program, a student must attain a total of 180 credits points.

Certificate Level 4 University Preparatory Award

Entry requirements:

1. Successful completion of UPC 3; or
2. Successful completion of SIG Form 6 or equivalent, with a B grade or above in English, Mathematics, and a subject choice; or
3. Successful completion of Learning Pathway Tertiary Community Studies Certificate (TCSC) with a B grade or above in English, Mathematics, and a subject choice; or
4. Mature entry and showing evidence of potential to complete the programme.

For further information
Visit SINU website: www.sinu.edu.sb
Contact UniPrep Director on:
Telephone: (+677) 30111 or 30112
Mobile: (+677) 794 8234
Email: Director.UniPrep@sinu.edu.sb