The School of Science and Technology (SOS) is the new school in the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST). The School is established to serve the training and education needs of Solomon Islands in the pure sciences and science related sectors. It offers quality bachelor programs in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science and will offer programs in the other science related field of studies such as environmental science and marine science.  The School also teaches sciences and mathematics education for the bachelor of teaching secondary and primary education for the Faculty of Education and Humanities (FEH) and teaches computer units for the bachelor of accounting and diploma of finance and business administration for the Faculty of Business and Tourism. The School of Science will also conduct researches in the sciences to support the teaching and learning of science in Solomon Islands and create knowledge of science in order to develop the understanding of science in our every lives. The school offers bachelor courses/programs in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer sciences.

The School of Science is located at Panatina campus, east Honiara.

Current Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science – Biology
  • Bachelor of Science – Physics
  • Bachelor of Science – Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science – Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

Double majors program in science is also being planned for the near future

Note: the courses/programs listed above are currently being develop and are projected for delivery in semester 2 2020.

Head of Shool


Dr. Surendra Prasad