1. The University of Utah Technology and Venture Commercialization Office and Solomon Islands National University (SINU).
A scientific research collaboration to investigate the Biological, Chemical and Medicinal properties of Biodiversity of the Solomon Islands and to establish economic value.

  • UTAH has capabilities and expertise in broad range of advance technologies and capabilities in the field of natural products, research and drug discovery.
  • UTAH and SI researchers who wish to access genetic material of biodiversity  of SI for purposes of basic scientific research related to drug discovery , biodiversity sciences and climate change.
  • SINU and UTAH wish to promote relationship among scientists and scientific institutions in SI and United States of America, improve education and infrastructure in Solomon Islands in scientific research and biodiversity prospecting, create opportunities of conservation of SI biodiversity and sustainable and sustainable development of the results of these efforts.
  • Date Signed: 9th April, 2018
    Date Expiry: 9th April, 2023.

2. The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and Solomon Islands National University (SINU).

  • Date Singed: 28th April, 2019
  • Date Expiry: 28th June, 2024.

3.  JICA  LEAF PROJECT and Solomon Islands National University (SINU)

  • Handover of storage of Environmental Learning Centre for Compost (hereinafter referred to as “the storage”) established at the Solomon Islands National University (P.O. Box R113) in Honiara, Solomon Islands based on the JICA partnership program “SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT THROUGH PROMOTING ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNING ACTIVITIES IN COOPERATION WITH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTORS” (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”).
  • Date Signed: 11th March, 2019.
    Date Expiry: 11th March, 2024.

4.  Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock and Solomon Islands National University (SINU)

  • Solomon Islands Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MLA) and Solomon Islands National University (SINU) have a shared interest in scientific progress in the diverse disciplines of natural resources such as agriculture, forestry and environmental sciences that directly and indirectly affect farmers’ livelihood and stimulate country’s economic growth. The Parties also endorse technical support for faculty, students and staff of School of Natural Resources & Applied Sciences (SNRAS) in SINU to foster a well-grounded foundation in interdisciplinary fields in which academia and government share mutual interests.This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishes terms of collaboration between MAL and SINU to support these shared interests that can be pursued through a variety of programs including collaborative research, community outreach, extension activities, students’ training, and internships
  • .Date Signed: 16th August, 2017.
    Date Expiry: 16th August, 2022.

5. Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security and Solomon Islands National University (SINU)

  • The purpose of the MOU is to provide  a framework for collaboration between SINU and CTI-CFF under the initiation of CTI-CFF University Partnership in order to strengthen, promote and develop cooperation and exchanges in areas of mutual interest of Marine Science Research between the parties.
  • The objective of the parties is to collaborate on research, capacity building and outreach including the provision of technical assistance for the Regional Secretariat and National Coordinating Committee (NCC), upon request, in support of the sustainable management of the Marine and Coastal resources of the Coral Triangle.
    Date Signed: 2017
    Date Expiry: 2022

6. Chung Yuan Christian University and Solomon Islands National University (SINU)

  • In order to create and advance mutually beneficial relationship, Solomon Islands National University and Chung Yuan Christian University join the following agreement on the promotion of education and academic exchanges between two institutions.
  • Both universities will make ever reasonable effort to encourage direct contact and research cooperation between their faculty members, departments, and research institutions to the extent that the are able, under provisions of this agreement  and endeavor to cooperate in the fields with which both parties are concerned.
    Date Signed: 26th May, 2017

    Date Expiry: 26th May, 2022

7. Kolombangara Forest Products Ltd (KFPL) and Solomon Islands National University (SINU) 

  • A Memorandum of Agreement had originally been singed on 30th day of May 2013 between the KFPL and SINU. The MOA has since lapsed as it was valid only for 3 years. Both parties are however desirous of maintaining a continuous relationship, and reaffirm their shared commitments to achieve common objectives including but not limited to providing support for academic programs in natural resources including forestry, agriculture and environment sciences on Poitete Campus, Kolombangara Island.Date Signed: 11th October, 2017
    Date Expiry: 11th October, 2022

8. The University of Queensland & The University of California and Solomon Islands National University (SINU)

  • The broad objectives of this Agreement are to promote cooperation in teaching, research and service to the community through an international exchange of students, staff and knowledge.Date Signed: 30th April, 2014

9. SINU and Ministry of Forestry and Research

  • The final MOU signed this year on the 18th of September 2019 was between the Ministry of Forestry and Research and SINU. The Ministry of Forestry and Research (MOFR) is the mandated institution responsible for formulating, executing, monitoring and coordinating the Solomon Islands Government’s (SIG) forest policies. The Solomon Islands National University (SINU) is concerned with education and training consistent with international standards of teaching, research and other academic activities to meet the human resource needs of the country. In brief, the MOU provides the support and access for the followings: exchanges between SINU-SNRAS staff and MOFR scientists and staff; educational opportunities for qualified students and staff members in the parties’ laboratories, research stations, classrooms and offices; joint meetings for education and research; research collaborations; sharing of unique facilities and equipment for increased cost efficiencies for students’ practicum, hands on training and scientific endeavors including sharing of resources with Kolombangara Forest Products Limited (KFPL) based in Poitete through MOFR. MOFR has through this MOU also pledged assistance to SNRAS through FAO Integrated Forest Management Project (IFMP), details of which are to be worked out between SNRAS and FAO IFMP. This singing ceremony was attended by the dean of SNRAS , professor Prem Rai and the staff members of the Forestry department. It was signed by the Permanent secretary of the Ministry of Forestry , Dr. Vaeno Vigulu and the Vice Chancellor of SINU Dr. Ganesh Chand.