Certificate in Secretarial Studies

The course aims to prepare trainees to make informed decisions on office issues. It also aimed at enabling students to engage intelligently on matters relating to the operations of an organization. In addition, graduates of the course are able to professionally and legally follow processes and procedures of an organization given the opportunity. With the shift of focus on the emphasis in role of secretaries from the traditional record keeping and a front desk officer to a more of an Office Management role, the course also equips trainees with necessary requisites to effectively perform such a role.

Admission Requirements

  1. Satisfactory completion of Form 5 with passes in Maths, English and Business studies.
  2. Satisfactory completion of Form 3 with at least five years of relevant work experience.
  3. Successful completion of a recognized programme of study eg. BOPA

Course Structure

Course Code: FCS
Course Name: Certificate in Secretarial Studies
Duration: 1.5 years
Core Units: 15 Units
Total Credit Points: 120
Campus: Kukum

Unit CodeUnit TitlePrerequisiteSemester OfferedCredit Points
WK391Word Processing 128
This is an introductory unit to beginners in word processing using computer application Microsoft Word. The practical topics in this course include: application environment, document creation, retrieving, editing, alignments, character/paragraph formatting, saving, printing and managing electronic files. This course is an integration of the keyboarding skills to text production and time management.
MG321Background to Business28
This unit is all about the world of work. It aims to help students understand the various organizations, their relation with each other and with people such as their customers, their employees and those who finance their activities.
MB371Business Math 128
Business Math 1 unit is designed to assist and equip students in the Certificate in Business & Secretarial Studies program with mathematical background knowledge and the necessary skills on how to solve problems in the business world.
BC381Communications 128
Communication Skills I is designed on the premise that improving communication involves raising students’ awareness about their own communication ability and building on these to help them cope with their University level of academic work. The medium of instruction in all schools across the University is English; therefore, all resources and activities are in English with emphasis on communication in the context of business and enterprise. there will be lecturers on a range of topics, discussions, in and out of class tasks, guest speakers, role plays, group work/projects, audio visuals, etc., which will be provided in the course guide. The guide is not prescriptive. However, the graduate attributes for the Certificate are essential and must be achieved. Teachers can exercise their own professional judgment based on the needs and abilities of the group. The methodology will be student centered, activity based and affirming.
While the focus on communication 1 and 2 are different, the acquisition of good communication skills is an aim which is central to both.
This unit is both introductory and technical for acquiring the touch typing method using a word processing application. The emphasis is to develop touch operate method on the QWERTY keyboard to apply correct keystroke techniques to sustain accurate input of the alpha-numeric keyboard. Emphasis is placed on accuracy, speed improvement over time, basic production of documents and proofreading/editing skills.
WK393Word Processing 2WK39118
This unit is progression from Word Processing I. This course provides for a variety of document production and guidelines in punctuation, style and address methods. The topics are guided for appropriate layout and formatting of documents features including: design elements; heading and paragraph styles; multi-page document- header & footer – page/section breaks; correspondence – memorandum, letter styles, envelopes & labels; basic tables, basic mail merge, equation formulas/symbols.
BC382Communciations 2BC38118
This unit is designed to help students think critically, read, write and speak fluently in order to build confidence in public discourse, debates and meetings. Emphasis is on reflective thinking skills, report writing skills, presentation skills and public relations skills.
MG326Administrative Procedures 118
This unit provides wide range of topics to introduce the office environment and practices. The emphasis in this course is to identify and discuss solutions in real office situations including: the office role and functions, office design and environment, interpersonal skills, source of information, telephone protocol, client liaison, health and safety issues, office equipment, and workflow methods.
BA316Bookkeeping 118
This unit introduces basic record keeping. Students should be able to write up basic records from various documents. Competent handling of cash book, petty cash and banking records will allow students to offer these skills in the market place.
BL362Law for Secretaries18
This unit introduces to students the ethics and legal framework of business. It aims to help student develop an understanding on the impact of the legal system on business in the Solomon Islands. Topics include: the nature of law, the classification of law, the law of contract, major branches of law, the court systems in the Solomon Islands, sources of law in Solomon Islands. Upon completion student should be able to apply ethical issues and laws covered to selected business situations.
WK394Word Processing 3WK39328
This unit is progression from Word Processing II. It provides an opportunity to acquire advanced computer skills in word processing to suit any given office environment. It allows student to identify document problems, design and apply solutions for efficient workflow. Topics include: complex tables, complex mail merge, templates, pictures, forms, long documents, legal documents, and financial reports, specifications, meeting documents and integrating other applications.
MG327Administrative Procedures 2MG32628
This unit is progression from Administrative Procedures I. The emphasis in this course is on identifying and discussing solutions in real office situations with practical approach in application including: how to manage business documents in a transaction, order & maintain office supplies, events planning, travel, participate in meetings, translate appropriate records management in a filling system, handle mailing systems, and; how to pursue employment.
BA317Bookkeeping 2BA31628
Bookkeeping II unit is progression from Bookkeeping I. It is aims to develop further the skills of the secretarial or clerical worker in keeping financial records of a business. Upon the completion of the unit students should have a fair understanding, on preparation of specialized journals, preparing trial balance statements, identifying and classifying errors, calculation of profit and preparation of ledger accounts and preparing end of period report using given information.
BC352Computer Applications 128
Computer Application 1 unit aims at offering the knowledge and skills to acquire in order to become a comprehensive and effective user in Microsoft Excel software at the intermediate level and to accomplish the basic knowledge required when using computers and information technology in processing data. On the point of the lecture topics, topics mainly covered computer hardware and software, computer system architecture, disk storage devices, and computer networks.
MG325Elements of Marketing28
This unit introduces the key components of the marketing process. Topics include: Customer value & satisfaction, strategic planning, marketing research, consumer and buyer behaviours, product and service strategies, pricing strategies for products and promotion and public relations. Upon completion students should be able to understand the basic components and apply the theoretical and philosophical knowledge acquired in this unit to actual work setting.