Certificate in Business Studies

This is a four semester course; it is a pathway to our Diploma of Business Studies program. There are two streams under this program, namely the Finance Stream and the Administration Stream.

Admission Requirements

  1. Satisfactory completion of Form 5.
  2. Satisfactory completion of Form 3 with at least five years of Relevant work experience.
  3. Successful completion of a recognized programme of study.


Course Structure

Course Code: FCBS
Course Name: Certificate in Business Studies
Duration: 1 .5 years
Total Credit Points: 120
Campus: Kukum

  1. Finance
  2. Administration

FCF: Certificate in Business Studies – Finance

Core Units: 14
Elective Units: 2

Unit CodeUnit TitlePrerequisiteSemester OfferedCredit Points
BA311Accounting 128
This unit is an introduction to the basic concepts underlying the financial accounting system. It aims to introduce to students the accounting concepts and procedures and give them the necessary foundation for further studies. It is mainly concerned with the use of accounting by business firms. However, all principles and most of the skills to be learned, can be used applied to personal finances and organisations of any type, no matter what methods of processing data is used. Topics includes: the nature of accounting, the accounting equations, accounting rules, recording cash and credit transactions, general journals, general ledgers and trial balance, calculation of profit and basic accounting reports.
MG321Background to Business28
This unit is all about the world of work. It aims to help students understand the various organizations, their relation with each other and with people such as their customers, their employees and those who finance their activities.
BM371Business Math 128
Business Maths 1 unit is designed to assist and equip students in the Certificate in Business & Secretarial Studies program with Mathematical background knowledge and the necessary skills on how to solve problems in the business world.
BC381Communications 128
Communication Skills 1 is designed on the premise that improving communication involves raising students’ awareness about their own communication ability and building on these to help them cope with their University level of academic work. The medium of instruction in all schools across the University is English; therefore, all resources and activities are in English with emphasis on communication in the context of business and enterprise. there will be lecturers on a range of topics, discussions, in and out of class tasks, guest speakers, role plays, group work/projects, audio visuals, etc., which will be provided in the course guide. The guide is not prescriptive. However, the graduate attributes for the Certificate are essential and must be achieved. Teachers can exercise their own professional judgment based on the needs and abilities of the group. The methodology will be student centered, activity based and affirming.
While the focus on communication 1 and 2 are different, the acquisition of good communication skills is an aim which is central to both.
BL361Business Law28
This unit introduces to students the ethics and legal framework of business. It aims to help students develop an understanding on the impact of the legal system on business in the Solomon Islands. Topics include: the nature of law, the classification of law, the law of contract, major branches of law, the court systems in the Solomon Islands, sources of law in Solomon Islands. Upon completion student should be able to apply ethical issues and laws covered to selected business situations.
BA312Accounting 2BA31118
It is aimed to develop further the skills of students in keeping financial records of a business. Emphasis includes accrual accounting principles. Upon completion of the unit students should be able to prepare adjustment for a range of transactions, prepare 10 column worksheets, prepare petty cash book, enter transactions into journals and post to ledgers, do a bank reconciliation statement and control accounts for receivable and payable.
BM372Business Math 2BM37118
This unit will introduce students to elementary statistics and how it is use in a wide range of business environments. It will also provide a sound statistical ground work for those continuing to further quantitative studies and a basic numerical appreciation for those undertaking this unit.
BC382Communications 2BC38118
The unit will revise English skills already learned in Communication Skills I and use them in a business context. It will teach new language relevant to business situations; it will teach skills and techniques for writing business correspondence, reports, summaries and notes. Simulation of business situations and role-plays will be used to develop fluency, listening, reading and writing skills, and will encourage discussion among students about how to manage business situations.
Communication Skills II is designed to help students think critically read and comprehends well what they read, write well and succinctly and speak fluently in order to build confidence in public discourse, debates and meetings. Emphasis is on reflective thinking skills, critical reading skills, report writing skills, presentation skills and public relations skills.
Economic unit aims to introduce students to the Solomon Islands economic environment, the issues and the relationships of variables in the macroeconomics. Emphasis includes the economic problem of scarcity and how to address it, distinction between microeconomic and macroeconomics, use of economic models, fiscal and monetary policies and international trade.
BC351Introduction to Computing18
This unit covers the basic computer concepts, which cover both theory and practical. Theory topics include: internet and web, electronic commerce, computer application software, system software, communications and networks, system unit input and output devices, secondary storages, and privacy and security. The practical part covers Microsoft Office Application (Word).
BA313Accounting 3BA31228
This unit aims to provide further knowledge to assist the students in preparing financial statements. Topics include; fixed assets, partnership and payroll. At the completion of the unit students should be able to: prepare an asset register, make journal entries for acquisition and disposal of an asset, explain various methods of depreciation, account for partnership and prepare basic payroll information.
BA314Financial ManagementBA31228
This unit aims to introduce students to the concept of financial management and provide practical applications of the various financial management techniques used and how they relate to the Solomon Islands Environment. Also to provide students with a range of tools to enable rational decision making. Upon completion of the unit students should be able to explain the role of small business in the economy of Solomon Islands, evaluate financial position of an organisation using financial reports and interpret financial reports.
BA315Budgeting and CostingBA31228
This unit aims to introduce students to the disciple of management accounting and costing accounting, and its function to guide management in planning and decision making. Upon completion students should be able to understand cost, managerial and financial accounting concepts, prepare manufacturing statements, prepare a job cost schedule, produce basic budgets and utilize cost-volume profit concepts in evaluating decisions concerning break-even, pricing, sales volume and desire profit.
BC352Computer Applications 1BC35128
Computer Application 1 unit aims at offering the knowledge and skills to acquire in order to become a comprehensive and effective user in Microsoft Excel software at intermediate level and to accomplish the basic knowledge required when using computers and information technology in processing data. Lecture topics cover computer hardware and software, computer system architecture, disk storage devices, and computer networks.
Electives: Select only one from: MG323 & MG324
MG324Small Business Management28
In this unit students will be introduced to the concepts of management which deemed critical for small business successes. It will take students through management and planning techniques that will assist them in business planning. Through this unit student will be able to realize their potential whether they are suitable for going into business.
MG323Public Administration28
This unit aims to guide students develop an understanding of the concepts and methods of government administration and enable them to understand the government’s role in national development. Topic include: ‘Nature of public administration, Institutional , political and other factor shaping government administration, Weber an bureaucratic model, Levels of government and their functions and Principle of administrative conduct and issues critical to public sector management.