The Course & Curriculum Development Department (CCDD) is one of SINU’s Academic Support Departments and therefore reports directly to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic). The Department was established in 2009 with a mandate to centralise and standardise all curriculum materials for all the existing schools. When first established, the department was popularly known as the Curriculum & Standards Unit (CSU).

Core Functions

CCDD houses all of the University’s curriculum materials for all of its five schools (i.e. School of Education & Humanities – SOEH; School of Technology & Maritime Studies – STMS; School of Natural Resources & Applied Science – SNRAS; School of Business & Management – SBM; and School of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences - SNAHS). As a curriculum centre for the University, the department therefore:

  • oversees the standardisation of the presentation of all course materials (i.e. physical layout and coding system)
  • facilitates course development processes & related activities
  • facilitates course review processes & related activities
  • ensures that all printing orders, particularly course materials, are approved, printed and delivered on time
  • provides, at minimal cost, course materials at the beginning of each semester for all on- campus students and those studying via DFL (Distance & Flexible Learning)
  • houses quality assurance for the University 

CCDD focuses on ensuring delivery of quality support services for all academic related activities at SINU as a deliberate effort to help drive the SINU overall vision and mission ‘to become a provider of quality education and training and be the best tertiary training provider as it can be locally, regionally and internationally’.


Mrs. Tiraro Galo