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Your future and that of the Solomon Islands will be shaped by many natural resources challenges. You should know and understand them! Climate change already puts food and nutritional security at risk and demands creative adaptations in agriculture and environmental planning. In the near future, Solomon Islanders will need to produce more nutritious foods, year-round, on less land per capita, or increasingly rely on costly imported foods. Population growth requires good urban and rural planning to assure that people have clean drinking water, sufficient and nutritious diets, and community-level sanitation and health care services.

SINU’s School of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (SNRAS) is committed to preparing students to lead the Solomon Islands forward in the fields of agriculture, natural resources stewardship, and environmental studies.

As one of the five Schools at SINU, SNRAS offers Certificates and a Diploma in Agriculture, and Certificates in Plantation Forestry and Environmental Studies. SNRAS enrolls over 200 students each year. SNRAS is committed to improving the well-being of Solomon Islanders by:
i) providing up to date education in agriculture, forestry and environmental sciences and
ii) developing and adapting new technologies to improve food production and food security, marketing and processing of agricultural commodities.

SNRAS students learn to manage sustainable forestry plantations, to assist with the conservation and restoration of native tropical forests, to conserve natural resources and biodiversity, and to adapt agriculture for climate change impacts.

Teaching and learning activities are student-centered with an emphasis on practical, project-based, and research-oriented experiences. SNRAS has engaged in a number of project consultants over the years to develop its unique courses and applied approaches. The school organizes seminars where research papers, review papers and other scientific communications are presented attracting an audience of staff and students of SINU, staff from the Ministries of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment, and the public at large. SNRAS is an exciting learning environment!