Press Releases

  • SINU receives new teaching & learning materials from KMU

  • KMU Delegates with SINU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Glynn Galo and Dean, School of Nursing and Allied Health Science Ms. Verzilyn Isom with the gifts.

    A delegation from Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) visited Solomon Islands National University on August 12th as part of the Sister Relationship MOU both parties signed in Taiwan on November 2013. The delegation was led by the KMU Vice President Professor Ming-Liang Kuo. Professor Kuo stated that KMU have been collaborating very closely with SINU in numerous fields such as the capacity building of SINU lecturers. To date, two lecturers already graduated with Master of Nursing degree at KMU and one is currently doing Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Studies. This year on September, another three SINU lecturers will undertake Master degree Studies under the KMU Scholarship program for SINU. KMU Vice President also highlighted that, KMU as a Sister University has an obligation to work with SINU to a better future. We aim at upgrading SINU’s teaching and learning materials with the kind donation of the Interchangeable catheterization and enema simulator and the Arterial stick arm kit. We hope SINU students will make full use of these materials to get the maximum benefits out of them, said Professor Kuo.

    Solomon Islands National University Deputy Chair to Council Dr. Jack Maebuta Thanked Professor Kuo for leading his team to visit SINU. Their presence signifies an important milestone in strengthening and building-on the MOU that KMU and SINU formalized back in 2013. Dr. Maebuta stated that he is so pleased to know that SINU has benefited tremendously from the agreement. The two equipment donated by KMU will certainly help SINU achieved its strategic goals to offer attractive and relevant high quality program and to provide quality teaching and learning experience and support for students. I am certain, Dr. Maebuta added, that SINU will be enriched and more so the staff and students will benefit in a long way from the use and learning of these medical equipment.

    SINU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Glynn Galo expressed that the event marks a very special day for the University. This is the first occasion since he worked as the Vice-Chancellor of the Solomon Islands National University that an institute that has signed an MOU with SINU that came and donated equipment to the University. Dr. Galo expressed his most sincere thanks through the KMU Vice-President to the President of KMU, Professor Ching-Kuan Lin and their University Board for the gifts and for the continuous support through the sponsorship of SINU staff to train at KMU.

    Chief Executive Officer and Team leader of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Dr. Ching-Feng Lin stated that he is pleased to attend the ceremony and witness the friendship between KMU and SINU. Dr. Lin believed that through the interaction and exchanges between the two Universities, many promising young people will become health professionals and help their communities achieve the goal of health for all. The Delegation concludes their visit by touring SINU’s School of Nursing and Allied Health Science compound where students put on a wonderful cultural performance for them.

  • SINU New Director of Tourism and Hospitality – Charlie Panakera

  • L to R: Dr. Daniel Lund, Mr. Charlie Panakera, Dr. Glynn Galo, Prof. Basil Marasinghe

    The Solomon Islands National University is pleased to announce the recruitment of Mr. Charlie Panakera as its new Director for Tourism and Hospitality. Mr. Panakera who hails from the Western Province is the founder of the Tourism Department at Waikato Management School, University of Waikato, New Zealand.

    His expertise is drawn from experiences as a Pacific Island academic having worked for nearly 30 years in New Zealand and Australian Universities, former political leader, a Banker, and a successful entrepreneur having owned and operate hotels, resorts, dive shops and tour businesses.

    Mr. Panakera’s consultation work, research activities and publications falls into two main clusters. The first focuses on tourism and hospitality education, trainings and development issues in the Pacific Islands (including the Pacific Peoples in New Zealand). The second includes advisory-consultation work for Pacific Islands Governments, including the World Bank (International Finance Corporation), as well as collaborative work with UNDP, AusAid and NZAid. He is known and trusted by the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in the Country, Tourism Tertiary Education Institute overseas and by the Government because of his contribution in the Industry since 1977.

    Mr. Panakera holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Massey University, New Zealand. He assumed duty as the Director of Tourism and Hospitality on 27th June.

  • School of Business and Management has a New Dean

  • Dr Daniel Lund with Vice-Chancellor, Dr Galo

    Our very own National University has successfully recruited a new Dean for its School of Business and Management.

    Dr. Daniel Lund who hails from Canada has served at leading Universities in Australia, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and the USA. He holds a PhD from Griffith University, Australia, an MBA from York University’s Schulich School of Business in Canada and a BA in Philosophy and Literature from Canada’s University of Victoria.

    Dr. Lund is an International Faculty Fellow of MIT’s Sloan School of Management. His research and workshops on organizational and managerial effectiveness, intercultural management, Chinese business cultures, creative idea-generation and Strategic Human Resource Management have been presented at various academic forums around the world. He has been an Advisor for China’s Ministry of Commerce along with numerous private and public corporations in North America, Asia, the Middle-East, Latin-America and Australia. In addition, he serves as a board member of a global charity.

    Dr. Lund previously served as a Dean at a Business school in China and Saudi Arabia. He comes to the Solomon Islands from Kazakhstan, where he served as an Associate Professor of Management at the Graduate School of Business, a partner program with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Prior to following an academia pathway, Dr. Lund worked in the gold mining industry and film, television and music industries at North America.

    SINU is so privileged to have Dr. Lund join the Solomon Islands National University. His strong academic background coupled with his wealth of work experience Dr. Lund will benefit the development of the University, especially the SINU’s School of Business and Management and the students of the School. He assumed responsibility as the Dean of the School of Business on Monday 6th June.

  • Melanesian Cultural Seminar: An anthropology approach and cultural perspective

  • Left to Right: Prof. Hermien L. Soselisa, Dr. Giuseppe Sapienza, Dr. Franco Rodie, H.E. Ronald J.P. Manik, Dr. Glynn Galo, Dr. M. Lauder and Prof. Basil Marasinghe

    The “Melanesian Cultural Seminar: An anthropology approach and cultural perspective” took place Friday, 27th May, at Solomon Islands National University.
    The event was organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby in collaboration with SINU and chaired by SINU VC, Dr. Glynn Galo.

    The Mistress of ceremony, Ms. Verzilyn Isom, welcomed the Indonesian Ambassador to PNG and Solomon Islands, H.E. Ronald J.P. Manik, the PS for the MEHRD, Dr. Franco Rodie, the MSc for Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Sedercor Melatunan and other Indonesian Government officials, NGO representatives, lecturers and students.
    The objective of the seminar was to share Melanesian values; to promote respectfulness and togetherness among Melanesians; to enhance academic collaboration among Melanesian researchers.

    Keynotes, sessions and debates focused on Melanesian culture and possible collaboration among Melanesian countries.

    The guest speakers were Prof. Hermien Soselisa, from University of Pattimura, who spoke about “Melanesia history and its cultural perspectives” and Dr. M. Lauder, From University of Indonesia, whose presentation was “From Western Malayo-Polynesian to Oceanic: The Solomon Islands in Context”.
    The local speaker was Prof. Marasinghe, PVC Academic of SINU, who spoke about the scientific achievements of ancient Melanesians.
    In the Panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Dusti Becker, Dean of SNRAS of SINU, prof. Marasinghe, Prof. Soselisa and Dr. Lauder answered to questions about the possibility of research collaboration among Melanesian countries, the relation between local languages and economic growth and the real cost of literacy policies in small developing countries.
    A team of students from Pattimura University and SINU, performed several traditional Indonesian and Solomon Islands dances. The coffee break and the lunch were occasions to experience Indonesian dishes and to enjoy dance performances.
    In the final remarks, Dr. Glynn Galo thanked everyone for attending the seminar and wished to establish new forms of collaboration in the future.

  • KOICA Fisheries Scholarship Recipients

  • Kioca Recipients with VC(3rd from L) and PVC-Academic (4th from L)

    The Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is funding training of four successful candidates (see photo above) who have been selected from applicants applying for the six month scholarship to study at the Pukyong National University, Busan, South Korea. These awards have been administered through SINU. On Friday 13th May, the successful candidates signed their bond agreements with SINU to return and work for SINU as academic lecturers at the completion of their training. This training and other support from KOICA is made possible through the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Solomon Islands National University and KOICA. Pukyong National University has been selected to provide the training.

    KOICA is also supporting the infrastructure development at the SINU Ranadi Campus for the Fisheries Department. Work on the two storey building for the Department of Fisheries in SINU has already commenced and is expected to be completed in 12 months’ time. Academic programs of Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree levels have been developed by Professor San Go Lee and Prof. Kyoung Mi Kang of Pukyong University in South Korea. Currently, three members of SINU academic staff are conducting studies leading to Masters Degrees in Fisheries at Pukyong National University. One of them will go on to complete a PhD before returning to SINU.

    SINU acknowledges the kind assistance it is receiving from KOICA.

  • Official Start of Construction of KOICA – supported New Fisheries Training Complex of Solomon Islands National University

  • An artistic version of the proposed School of Fisheries Complex

    Solomon Islands National University (SINU) and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) held a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the commencement of the construction of a New Fisheries Training Complex at the Ranadi Campus on the 11th of March, 2016.

    The construction is part of the grant aid project for “Establishment and Capacity Building of the Fisheries Studies in the Solomon Islands” supported by KOICA, which aims to help SINU have a sustainable fisheries education system and enhance skills and qualification of Solomon Islanders in fisheries through the establishment of Master Plan for fisheries education, training of SINU officials and staff, and provision of necessary education facilities.

    The training complex, worth around USD 2.5million, will have lecture halls, library, staff offices and three labs for aquaculture, fish processing and fishing technology. The construction is expected to be completed by mid of 2017 by Hatanga Limited which was selected through a very transparent and thorough tender evaluation process.

    SINU senior officials expect that the New Fisheries Training Complex will be a core place to train local people in value added activities such as fish processing and aquaculture so that Solomon Islanders can benefit more from their vast resources.

    KOICA firmly believes that this new building would make a valuable contribution towards strengthening the fisheries education of SINU and improving the capacity of its students.

  • Strategic Planning /Importance of Graduate Attributes and what SINU is doing about it.

  • Nita Temmerman (PhD) International Higher Education consultant to SINU

    Employers today expect their prospective employees going for a job to have much more than just good grades. They are looking for persons who display a host of generic qualities such as leadership, problem solving, customer service and good communication skills. Many employers are now global players. They expect and want employees to be international in their outlook, able to recognise and work with diversity, to have had work and life experiences that enhance their capacity to perform internationally and (increasingly) have the ability to speak more than one language. Information and ideas transcend national boundaries and they certainly exceed content knowledge alone.

    In today’s world also, content knowledge is so quickly changing and graduates will need much more than content to be as equipped as they can be for today’s complex, fast-paced and global world. Students need to appreciate that learning is and will be for them a life-long and life-wide involvement. They need to be reminded how their university degree aims to present them with discipline and generic learning opportunities that develop their analytical capacity, creative aptitude and adaptive ability so they are able to negotiate and adapt to inevitable workplace changes.

    The Solomon Islands National University (SINU) through the leadership of its Vice Chancellor Dr Glynn Galo, is currently undertaking a strategic planning exercise, which will see it build and improve on all its practices over the next five years. A significant part of the planning process has been developing a set of graduate attributes for students that all courses offered by the university will incorporate into its teaching- learning processes. These attributes are not an add-on and something to be taught on top of discipline content knowledge. They will be embedded in subjects through various learning activities and student assessment - qualities such as good written and oral communication and responsible use of digital technologies; initiative, creativity and critical thinking; team-work and cross cultural understanding; and graduates who will be employment ready as well as capable of creating new employment opportunities for the Solomon Islands. These represent the skills that will be encouraged and developed to compliment disciplinary knowledge, skills and understandings.

    Over the next few years, employers should see SINU graduates who are able to confidently articulate their knowledge of these graduate qualities to prospective employers and demonstrate their appropriate application of them within the work environment right from the beginning of their career. This is an exciting and necessary addition to the work of SINU on behalf of the Solomon Islands.

    A series of stakeholder workshops will be held in July with SINU staff, SINU students, business, industry and school leaders to share more about the planned strategic directions SINU will undertake over its next five year cycle of development. It is also important for SINU to hear as many views as possible from across the country.

  • SINU Strategic Planning Workshop 2016-2020

  • SINU Senior Management team with Professor Nita Temmerman (front left)

    The SINU Senior Management staff (Managers, Directors, Deans and Pro Vice-Chancellor) held a three day workshop (26-28 May) to begin working on the new SINU Strategic Plan 2016-2020. An international consultant, Professor Nita Temmerman was recruited to lead out the work on developing the new Strategic Plan. The Transition Implementation Action Plan (TIAP ) that incorporates our the current Strategic Plan (2013-2015) will expire at the end of 2015. The three day workshop was an opportunity for the Senior Managers to take stock of what has been achieved so far since SINU became a University and to make realistic plans on what needs to be achieved in the next five years, taking into account its National University status. Much of the discussions centred around how SINU plans to improve the quality of the its educational services and to position itself as a recognised University within the Pacific region.

    The SINU Council members were consulted to obtain their views on what needs to be included in the Strategic Plan. An opportunity will be available in the planned July workshop where other stakeholders (including staff and students) will be consulted for their inputs. Ideas generated in the discussion will be incorporated in the new Strategic Plan. It is planned that the draft SINU Strategic Plan 2016-2020 will be presented to the SINU Council in October 2015 and the final version will be presented to the SINU Council in December ready for implementation in 2016.

  • SINU Signs Multimillion Dollar Contract for IT Project

  • "(L-R) PVC(C) Mr Donald Malasa, Council Chairperson - Sir Nathaniel Waena and Vice-Chancellor, Dr Glynn Galo. ICT Manager, Mr Kevin Maitava (Standing)"

    On Friday 08th May 2015, the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) took another bold step into the technology age when the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Glynn Galo signed a multimillion dollar contract with TechnologyOne, an Australian IT company. Also present at the signing ceremony was the Chairperson of the SINU Council, Sir Nathaniel Waena, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Corporate), Mr. Donald Malasa and Manager ICT, Mr Kevin Maitava.

    The Contract will enable TechnologyOne supply and install at SINU UniversityOne, a student management software system.

    The proposal to upgrade the ICT services of SINU was approved by the University Council after a series of Council meetings which considered the submission from the University management. The offer includes training of SINU technical and operational staff in the management and operation of the system. The upgrade will take 278 project days to complete.

    TechnologyOne has designed, supplied and installed similar systems for about 40 universities in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and United Kingdom. Their Port Moresby office is responsible for its clients in the Solomon Islands.

    This project will contribute towards improving SINU’s ICT services as it strives to provide to its students and staff the best and latest IT services that are currently available in the market.

  • First Senior International Academics Take up Posts at SINU

  • Solomon Islands National University achieved another milestone on Monday 19th January at a welcoming morning tea to welcome two senior international academics to the University. The Pro-Chancellor of the University, Sir Nathaniel Waena welcomed the two new deans to the University; Dr. Joan Nesbitt, Dean of School of Education and Humanities and Dr. Dustin Becker, Dean of School of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences at a morning tea hosted in their honour.

    Dr. Nesbitt is a Canadian while Dr Becker hails from United States of America. They have brought with them to SINU many years of academic expertise, skills and experience which the University is very grateful for.

    The Deans met the Pro-Chancellor and Chair of the University Council, Sir Nathaniel Waena, the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Glynn Galo and senior members of the University staff during welcoming morning tea held in their honour. The Pro-Chancellor and Chairperson of the University Council thanked the new deans for taking up the offers to help the University and the country move forward in achieving its long term goals in human resource development. He said their individual and collective contributions to tertiary education in Solomon Islands will help greatly in preparing young people in meeting future challenges and a workforce that will contribute to achieving the development goals of the national government and the country.

    He asked the deans to render their support for the Vice-Chancellor in moving the University forward in meeting its goals and strategic plans.

    Sir Nathaniel Waena also asked the deans to help mentor the national lecturers of the University in developing their individual academic skills, experience, capabilities and capacities.

    The deans have each signed a three-year employment contract with the University.

    SINU recruited three senior managers in 2014. They are Mr Lucas Dosung , the University Librarian; Mr Kevin Maitava, the ICT Manager and Mr Martin Otto, Manager Distance and Flexible Learning Department.

    The inclusion of these new Deans will contribute to strengthening the academic leadership capacity of the University to help improve the academic services of the University.

  • Improving Power Supply System in Students’ Computer Laboratories at SINU

  • The National University of Solomon Islands had invested a lot in ITC services for students to enhance their learning at the university. At present the University has ten students’ computer laboratories. Each laboratory has an average of thirty desktop computers, except one which has one hundred and twenty desktop computers.

    In order to minimize risks in damages to these computers due to possible power surges, the University has invested in interruptible power supply units. It signed a contract with a local IT company, Solosoft Ltd. to supply interruptible power supply units for each of the computer laboratories. The contract for the supply of UPS’s by the later was officially signed on Monday 22nd December 2014 by the Acting Vice-Chancellor of the University, Donald Malasa and the Managing Director of Solosoft Ltd, John Wanofafia at Kukum Campus.

    Malasa thanked Solosoft Ltd. for their support. He said the University will continue in its endeavour to improve its ICT infrastructures in future to enhance teaching, learning and research facilities and services for the staff and students of the University within its limited resources.

    In response, Wanofafia said his company was thankful to the University for the Contract. He said Solosoft was happy to work with the University in areas of ICT in future.

  • University Upgrades ICT Services

  • The National University of Solomon Islands had entered another milestone in improving ICT services for the staff and students of the University.
    The Vice-Chancellor of the Solomon Islands National University, Dr. Glynn Galo and the Country Manager of Daltron (SI) Ltd. Mr. Tony Koraua signed a contract on Thursday. The latter will supply and install/commission a physical server system at Kukum Campus. At the signing ceremony, Dr. Galo thanked Daltron (SI) for their support in the development of ICT services for the University. He said ICT development is one of the top priority items for the University. The VC said the national government had indicated their support for better ICT developments for the University. Mr. Koraua responded by thanking the University for the opportunity to work with the University in achieving ICT needs for the University. He said his company had supplied one hundred and twenty computers earlier in the year. He said this was a sign of Daltron’s commitment for the university. Daltron will continue its ICT support for the University in future.

    The new server system when commissioned will provide a redundant operation, which will minimize risks hence improvement in availability of Internet and other ICT services for the University. Furthermore, it will increase current and future ICT capacity for the University in its endeavor to improving teaching, learning and research facilities for the students and staff of the University.

    The new server system is expected to be online in late January 2015.

    The Vice-Chancellor said the University is determined in its endeavor to improve ICT capacity building in the country in future.

  • Contract Singing for Three-Story Complex for School of Education and Humanities at Panatina Campus

  • Solomon Islands National University, since its inception has entered another milestone in its endeavour to improve teaching and learning facilities at the University. The Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Glynn Galo and Solomon Islands Country Manager for Kramer Ausenco (SI) Ltd, Mr Rovaly Sike signed a contract last Wednesday 12th Nov. 2014 for construction of a three-story complex at the University's Panatina Campus in Honiara. The signing of the contract was witnessed by the Pro-Chancellor of the University, Sir Nathaniel Waena and members of the University Council; and some senior staff members of the university. The Kramer Ausenco (SI) Ltd will provide an architectural and multi-disciplined Engineering Consultancy services.

    The SINU Council and Management wish to thank the National Government for their support in providing funds for this project.

    The new complex will consist of three (3) Storey Classroom and Office Block consisting of Ground Floor Level, First Floor Level and Second Floor Level; and one (1) Storey Block housing modern Lecture Theatre, Conference and Media Facilities. It will be the first modern facility of the University.

    The complex, when completed will house School of Education and Humanities. In is anticipated that the complex is expected to be ready for occupancy in 2016

  • SINU opens its first Lecture Theatre

  • The Solomon Islands National University (SINU) opened its first modern Lecture theatre at its Kukum Campus on Monday 7th April 2014.
    The Governor General, Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui was the Guest of Honour, at the opening ceremony and officially pronounced the opening of the SINU Kukum Campus Lecture Theatre. The ceremony was attended by the Pro- Chancellor and Chair to the SINU Council, Sir. Nathaniel Rahumaea Waena, invited guests,Senior management, staff and students of SINU. In his brief welcome remarks, Sir Nathaniel Waena thanked the Governor General for accepting the University’s invitation to be the Guest of Honour. He further conveyed to his Excellency that, “ As the Visitor to the University, your presence at the opening ceremony signifies his personal connection with the University”.
    Sir Frank in his brief remark reminded those present on the importance of having access to better facilities and infrastructures that are conducive to quality university teaching and learning experience. He went on to say that such teaching and learning resources, including quality and up to date tools, equipment, textbooks, library resources and lecture and tutorial facilities, are at the heart of quality education in an institution such as the Solomon Islands National University. He is confident that with its seating capacity of 300, the new lecture theatre can accommodate large number of students in one lecture session, thus easing the problem of over-crowding.
    Sir Frank wished to commend the visions and foresights of those who have contributed to this key infrastructure development of the University;

    1. The former SICHE Management under the leadership of its former Director, now Minister for Education, Honourable Dick Ha’amori;
    2. The Design Archiscope Consultancy Services (DACS) for providing the architectural designs of the building;
    3. AW Construction for constructing the building;
    4. The Solomon Islands Government for funding the project.

    He then reminded both staff and students who will be using the building, “to take good care of the building and to take pride in its facilities so that those who will come after you will continue to enjoy using it. It costs every tax payer of this country to construct this building and so you owe it to them to look after it”.
    Also speaking at the opening ceremony before he handed over the keys to the building, the General Manager of AW Construction, Mr. Harisson Oldom, thanked the then SICHE Council for according his Construction Company the opportunity to be part of this historical project.
    Although there were challenges faced his construction Project team during the construction period, in terms of timely release of funds, lateness of materials from overseas suppliers, misunderstandings, distrust between client and AWC. He further added that “as a newly established Construction Company, we toil without plants and equipments and it was more of manpower”. However, he was happy to inform those at the ceremony that his company managed to overcome these challenges; and the completion and handover of the first ever Lecture Theatre at SINU and the first of its kind in the Solomons is a clear testimony of what we have achieved so far.
    He also wished to convey his team’s gratitude to the Solomon Islands Government for funding the project; the former SICHE tender board and leadership, the Architect and Engineering team; Design Archiscope Consultancy Services, the former SICHE and SINU management – Property and Finance department, their suppliers in Honiara, Australia and China, and lastly but not the least his young but energetic construction team who worked tirelessly till completion of the project.
    The Kukum Lecture Theatre is fully funded by the Solomon Islands Government at a cost of SBD9.4m. Construction work commenced in January 2012 and completed in December 2013.
    Guests, staff and students were treated to an enjoyable lunch after the ceremony inside the Lecture Theatre.